Personal Training



Personal Training

A personal trainer can make an impact on your training and performance helping you to achieve your goal faster and adding expertise and most importantly - motivation into your training routine. Recruiting a personal trainer is making a commitment that can be life changing.

Some people seek assistance as they are highly focused on a specific goal such as achieving weight loss or training for a sporting event such as a Marathon. Others recruit a Personal Trainer to assist them to review lifestyle choices which they feel may impact their health in years to come. This is where education plays a part in the form of the correct exercise programme/activities for you, and just as important the diet and nutritional advice given.



All our personal trainers have achieved Level 3 status with the Register of Exercise Professionals, and undergo additional specialist training in areas such as nutrition, Pre & Post Natal exercise, Power Plate, Boxing and Core Stability Training. Each individual trainer has their own individual style and interests. 

They are employed as Health & Fitness Advisors for Tees Active and work with our members on a day to day basis on the gym floor.  However if you’re ready to make that commitment to more focused one to one training to achieve a specific goal then see our PT profiles.


Your individual PT will utilise a wide range of equipment, training techniques, and skills. Each of our clubs are unique and part of your assessment will be establishing the most effective ways for you train.  This may include building swimming into your programme or using new equipment such as kettle bells, VIPR or our brand new Omnia cardio and functional training stations. 


There are a number of packages available from our starter launch pack, blocks of 6 -10hrs and Power Plate. Group PT is also available so you can save money by sharing out the cost and getting that extra motivation and camaraderie by working out with a friend or family member.


All of our Personal Trainers are Registered Exercise Professionals. You can search for our personal trainers here in the REPS database.