Activ8 55+ Memberships

55+ Membership





Here at Activ8 we have a strong 55+ membership package and a range of services suited to helping more mature members improve their general fitness and lose weight.  Experienced, highly qualified staff are on hand to offer the support and guidence needed to succeed.

We also have a large range of fitness classes for all abilities which include Active + , 50+ , Pilates, Tai Chi, Aquafit and many more.

Benefits of Health & Fitness


We tend to assume the benefits of exercise and fitness are only for younger people, but think again. The rewards of improved fitness later in life can be great – both for your health and social life. Regular activity is especially important as you age because it has beneficial effects on conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as helping to maintain bone density, mobility and mental well-being.

The key to exercise is finding something you enjoy, so whether you want to dance yourself trim, swim your way to fitness or work through a dedicated programme, here at Activ8 we have it all.



Please note: This membership grants you access to our Activ8 gyms, Swimming Pools, Health Suite and Fitness Classes at off peak times. Peak times have been identified as 4.00pm - 8:00pm Monday to Friday.