Strength Equipment – individual stations

We offer an extensive range of the most up to date strength stations, for both the upper and lower body. This equipment allows an easier introduction to strength training as the machines isolate the muscle intended to be used and avoid injury at the early stage of training.

You can achieve an all over body workout just using our key strength machines and when your fitness levels improve our Health & Fitness Advisors will progress your training to another level using our cable strength and free weigh equipment. The most important thing to remember when undergoing a fitness regime is to ensure you progress by challenging your body to improve.

Cable Strength – stations

A wide variety of adjustable cable pulley machines are available across our Activ8 gyms. Our techno gym range allows you to move more freely when performing strength exercises progressing your training to a new level. The pulleys create more realistic, but challenging movement patterns and a wide variety of equipment such as fitballs; Bosu’s and balance boards can be incorporated with cable pulley stations.

Dedicated Strength Room - Billingham Forum

The strength training studio will accommodate a large selection of Free Weights, Barbells, Cable Pulley, Smith's machines and comprehensive range of benches. This area will also see the introduction of Technogym Pure Strength training equipment including:

- Olympic Rack

- Leg Press

- Chest Press

- Shoulder Press

- Pull Down

- Row

The pure strength machines replicate the feeling of using free weights, the design of the equipment results in high performance therefore maximising the benefits of every workout.

This facility will be of the same standard of our Activ8 gym's with air conditioning, mirrors and our Health & Fitness Advisors will be on hand to help you get the maximum benefits from your training.