Fitness Class Etiquette

Fitness Class Etiquette

• Users must pay or produce a membership card prior to entering the fitness class, and produce their receipt on entry to the instructor.


• It is essential for the fitness class coach to know of any health issues that may effect you, prior to participating in the class (including pregnancy).


• Class participants must try to check in at least 5 minutes before the start of their class.


• Please note that unfortunately due to insurance issues it is not possible for children to wait in or around the classes whilst parents / guardians exercise.


• You are not permitted to be more than 5 minutes late from the start of the class as you will have missed the warm up, which is an essential part of the class. You may be refused admission if you do not arrive in time for a sufficient warm up.


• In the interest of hygiene, we ask that you bring a towel with you to lay on during mat work and that no glass drinks bottles are brought into the class, only plastic closed lid containers are permitted. Please report any accidental spillages to the instructor immediately.


• We advise that you do not consume a large meal within 2 hours prior to attending a class or one hour for lighter meals.


• You are not permitted to chew gum during the class.


• Please ensure that correct footwear and clothing are worn at all times.


• In the event of an emergency, or the fire alarm sounding, please follow the directions of the instructor and leave by the nearest fire exit.


• The management/instructor reserves the right to refuse entry to the exercise class.


• Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the class.


• Personal hygiene is of utmost importance within the class environment as this also has an effect on other class members.


• Mobile Phones must be placed on silent or turned off throughout the duration of the class.