Zumba Classes North East with Activ8




Prepare to party yourself into shape with the Zumba fitness programme which is available at all of our Activ8 clubs. Providing an array of benefits, these types of classes are exhilarating, effective, and easy to follow; they also help you to burn calories as you participate in the dance fitness party. Incorporating Latin inspired dance moves; millions of people are dancing their way towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. You will find a comprehensive range of Zumba classes amongst our leisure clubs including Splash Stockton, Billingham Forum, and Thornaby Pavilion.


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Zumba fitness classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before participants know it, they are getting fit and their energy levels are soaring! There is no other fitness class like the Zumba party. It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating, often building a deep rooted community among returning students.



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When it comes to body sculpting, Zumba Toning raises the bar. It combines targeted body sculpting exercises and high energy cardio work with Latin infused Zumba moves to create a calorie torching, strength training dance fitness party. Students learn how to use lightweight, maraca toning sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all their target zones, including the arms, abs and thighs. Zumba Toning is the perfect way for enthusiasts to sculpt their bodies naturally while having a total blast.


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Known as the "pool party," Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Splashing, stretching, twisting and laughing are often heard during this fun Aqua fitness class. Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba blends it all together into a safe yet challenging water-based workout that helps to get your heart pumping, body toning and most of all gives you an exhilarating workout unlike any other.


Zumba Gold


Zumba Gold takes the popular Latin-dance inspired workout of Zumba and makes it accessible for seniors, beginners or others needing modifications in their exercise routine. Zumba Gold builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves.




Get down to your local Activ8 gym today and try out one of our invigorating fitness classes today.