Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered




How can I join?

Visit one of our clubs, make an appointment with one of our Health & Fitness Advisors or simply click the join online option on this website.

I am not confident in the gym; will I be shown how to use the equipment and given a programme?

Yes all our new members receive an induction. If you become a monthly or annual member we will get you started with our new member pathway. The aim of this is to find out what you want to achieve and get you familiarized with your club, as here at Activ8 it’s not just about the gym. We are here to find an activity that you enjoy and give you the training support, guidance to achieve your goals and get full use of your Privilege membership.

What will I receive when I join?

All monthly and annual members will receive a membership card which grants access to the facilities and services in which you have signed up to. A photograph will be taken at the point of issue and your card must be presented at every visit. Your membership is for your sole use and should not be utilised by others, should you be found passing on your card to another person they will be refused entry and your membership may be cancelled as stated within our terms & conditions.

We must ask that you swipe for every visit you make to the gym and check in for all class, swim and health suit visits using your swipe card. This will avoid you being approached by one of our Advisors or coaches as our member management system has not identified your visit. 

What if I lose my card?

There is a small fee of £2.00 for replacement cards.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes you can, a small administration fee of £5.00 will be required. The minimum freeze period is one month and the maximum is 3 months. In cases of medical reasons/pregnancy the fee does not apply and the freeze period is at the discretion of the Health & Fitness Operations Manager (medical note required). 14 days prior notice from collection date must be given.

Will personal trainers be available?

Each of our gyms has a dedicated team of personal trainers and unlike other gyms our personal trainers are also employed as Health & Fitness Advisors. So they are on hand whether it’s just to offer advice on a day to day basis or actually designate time as a Personal Trainer to put you through your paces.

What are the benefits of a Privilege Membership?

You will receive an exclusive Privilege Card which lets us know that you are entitled to all of the additional benefits of having our premium membership. These include:

Unlimited access to our Activ8 gyms, fitness classes, pools, water based fitness classes, health suite facilities and much more. Don’t forget about…..

  • Privilege member only fitness classes including our unique Omnia and functional training programme at Billingham Forum
  • Ongoing updates with our fitness trainers
  • Loyalty benefits and rewards
  • Exclusive introductory 25% discount off your first PT training package
  • Discount on a wide range of activities for you, your friends and your family at Tees Active Leisure Centres.

What if I change my mind about joining?

All our online monthly direct debit memberships have a 14 day cooling off period giving you the peace of mind if you decide our Activ8 clubs are not for you. As long as you notify us in writing within 14 days of taking out the membership online you will not be committed to your contract. This only applies to members who joined online or at an event, not within the gym. Joining/Admin fees are not refundable.

Cooling off periods do not apply when signing up on site at our facilities or to Annual/upfront payment memberships such as Student’s and Under 16's. This is due to our upfront memberships being heavily discounted at the point of sale; you cannot cancel/be refunded your fees; however annual memberships can be transferred to a friend or family member (a £10 fee will apply).

How old do you have to be to join the gym?

Our under 16's membership allows young people aged 12 - 15 to train anytime when accompanied by another Activ8 members (aged 16+). We also have designated gym sessions available. 

How would I cancel my membership?

If you have completed the required term stated on your contract you would need to give us 30 days written notice to cancel your membership. All our monthly direct debit memberships continue on a month-to-month basis following the minimum term and you must notify us of your intent to cancel as they do not cease automatically.

Don’t forget you can make an enquiry about your membership via this website.

What if I have already had an induction?

You can get started straight away if you have been had a Technogym induction at one of our clubs. However we would advise all new Privilege members to make the most of our new member pathway. Please note when joining on line an appointment must be made to obtain your access swipe card.

Are there any changing facilities and lockers?

All of our gyms have modern and spacious changing facilities and extensive locker provision, as well as specific designated changing facilities within our centres for fitness classes, swimming and health suit use.

Can I bring my son/daughter swimming?

Yes don’t forget swimming is included for you within our privilege membership and your friends and family members can get discounted rates on an extensive range of activities when attending with you. All you have to do is produce your Privilege card at reception and your accompanied guest can obtain the reduced rate for swimming, ice skating or a fitness class. Pay per visit rates apply to non Privilege members.

Are the gyms staffed and secure?

Our gyms are manned from opening to closing with fully qualified Register of Exercise Professionals staff. We operate a strict access policy and our member management system lets our staff know who is in the gym throughout the day (see Rules of Membership on website).