Member Success Stories

Member Success Stories



Name: Jamie Baker
Weight Loss: 5 Stone

How Jamie got started...

I started my diet/training in September 2015, weighing 18st 3lbs and my target was to lose 5st. I wanted to improve my fitness for football and I felt uncomfortable in the way I looked. I started off just using my own knowledge then in early 2016, I asked a nurse if she could help me lose weight and she recommended “Lite 4 Life” (a GP referral scheme run by Activ8). I was more than happy to try it and increase my knowledge about diet and exercise. The course was very helpful and I learned a lot. Some things I was eating that I thought were good for me, actually weren’t. I started training 4/5 times a week with the exercise plan John Wilson (Activ8 Health Advisor) gave me. My weight soon started to fall off and I began to feel happy and comfortable working out.

What do you love about Activ8?

Activ8 is really good, it has very helpful employees who always try and help me when training. John was a big help with my diet and exercise plan. If I didn’t go on the course, I think I would still be struggling to lose weight.

How Jamie has changed since joining Activ8...

I lost my 5st target weight and I was very happy with my progress. Maintaining it will be hard but I am determined to stick to my current weight. I am still training 4/5 times a week in the gyms and pools and I’ve also applied for a few charity runs to keep me motivated.



Name: Steph Mawson
Weight Loss: 5 1/2 Stone

How Steph got started...

“I was referred by my Doctor onto Activ8’s Lite4Life course (a 10 week course specifically for people who are overweight and want to lose weight through a change in their diet and physical activity levels). I found the course really interesting, motivating and challenging and it ‘changed my life’. When I finished the course I decided to join Activ8 as a monthly member to keep up my new healthy lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoyed the gym, Clubbercise and Bums & Tums.”

How Steph has changed since joining Activ8...

“I have completely changed my eating habits and now I have lost the weight I am much more confident and I can now wear clothes I would never wear before!”

What do you love about Activ8?

“The staff are very helpful and approachable and I often get new programmes to follow to keep me motivated and challenged!”